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How To Reset Chime Password Easily? Quick Tutorial

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  • 27 May, 2022

Have you ever worried about losing your password for a finance app? Will you be able to recover it? And what happens if you are unable to recover it? Will you be able to access your account ever again? Well, to make one aspect of your life easy Chime is making aware its users how easily they can keep their Chime account safe with the Chime Password reset.

You might be conscious of the fact that our passwords are indeed the key to our virtual life. After all, the majority of people use the same password for most of our social media and our finances. To maintain a bridge between our privacy and public zone, passwords are vitally important. And what happens when this bridge collapse? You lose everything you built over the years through your hard-earned money. This means your online identity, your finances and your data, all are compromised with just one word.

So, good news for Chime users. Your account is safe and secure as always. You can change your password if facing a security threat. And by now you must be wanting to change your Chime login password (or assuming you must’ve forgotten your Chime password), but we take it you don’t know how? That’s where we come in. Today we are going to shine a light on ways in which you can reset chime password, with ease of mind.

How do I reset Chime password?

Below we will dispense some ways for Chime reset password. One of which involves your email linked to your Chime account. Resetting a Chime password sounds complicated, right? But its quite the opposite. Here are the steps for a Chime password reset without phone number:

  • Open the Chime website on your desktop

And the first step is to visit the Chime website at Keep in mind, that you can only reset or change Chime password only on the official website. 

  • Click on "Log In"

On top of the screen right-hand side, you will see “Log In”. Click on that.

  • Select “Forgot your Password”

Below the log in forum, you will find two options of which first will be “Forgot your Email Address?”, and the second “Forgot your Password?”. Select the second option.

  • Enter your email address linked to your Chime account

In order to assure that this is not an anonymous user, you need to verify your identity. This is done by providing your email address which is linked to Chime. After providing your email, click “Submit”. 

  • Provide your Social Security Number

To complete this verification authentically, you will need to write your Social Security Number for identity verification.

  • Use the password reset link

After completing the identity verification, you will receive a link in your email. If you did not receive an email, check your spam inbox. Once you have found the email, click on the reset link.

  • Insert the new password

When you land on the new screen, you will need to insert a new password twice as prompted. Afterwards, click on “Reset”. At the time your Chime password reset is done, you will receive a message informing you that your Chime password was successfully reset which will also include a new link to the Chime login page. This is where the easy part starts. All you need to do now on the new login page is to input your new login credentials and advance towards the Chime account login.

However, if you are among those unfortunate ones who still can’t enter your Chime account, then we feel sorry to inform you that this process for you will be a little longer than others. But don’t be disheartened just yet. You may be thinking “Why am I locked out of my Chime account?” Well, to cut a long story short, there are many reasons why Chime could have locked you out of your account:

  • You violated Chime’s terms and conditions
  • You used your Chime account for something illegal
  • You set up multiple Chime accounts to take advantage of signup bonuses.
  • Unauthorized usage can also cause Chime to lock you out of your account.

How Do I recover my Chime Account?

Let’s get down to business, the only way to recover a Chime account is by contacting the Chime customer service. Contacting the Chime customer service can be of great help (and to be honest, only help). They will aware you of why exactly you have been locked out of your account. They will help you in resolving the issues and provide resourceful insights on how you can avoid this problem from happening again.

Finishing note

If you ever forget your Chime password or lose your password, don’t lose hope. Chime password reset is no rocket science and can be done easily in a few easy steps. All you need to do is contribute to your linked email account and verify your identity. Then the next step is to reset your password. And if you ever get locked out of your Chime account, don’t panic. Contact the Chime customer service to the rescue. Remember, there are many reasons for Chime to lock you out of your account. And the reasons include; violation of Chime’s terms and conditions, using Chime for something illegal, setting up multiple Chime accounts, and the last of all, unauthorised usage of your Chime account.

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