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How To Close Chime Account? Safe Method To Delete Chime Account

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  • 2 Apr, 2022

Why close Chime account

What if your bank prevents you from getting access to your own deposit money? Got scared! Why not? The thought of losing access to hard-earned money can send a shiver down the spine of anyone. But, the truth is this is not just a mere thought, it’s a reality. Unfortunately, several thousand Chime users have been denied access to their own money deposits in their Chime wallet and card last year. That’s why a large number of people want to cancel their Chime cards and delete accounts. The actual problem begins when users don’t find any option to close a Chime account on the app and website. But, don’t worry we are available to help you to close your Chime bank account. You can contact us and get directions to cancel your Chime card and close it permanently. Alternatively, you can read this post and learn how to close a Chime account?

How to delete a Chime account?

User-friendliness and reliability are two essential requirements to consider while choosing a personal payment app. Sadly, the Chime online bank fell short to meet the expectations in both terms. In addition to that, the absence of physical presence, higher charges, and varieties of restrictions on a number of Chime features are some other reasons for disenchantment with the Chime payment app. So, keeping in mind all these dark sides of the Chime, the permanent deletion of the Chime account appears to be a good idea. But, the overall process to close a Chime account permanently is not that easy. You need to make sure of a number of things before deleting your Chime account. Some of the common things I have mentioned below:

  • Make sure your Chime wallet is empty.
  • Consider removing all payment methods if you have set up any.
  • Check and ensure there is no pending payment.
  • The next important thing to check is your Chime balance. Make sure it is not negative.
  • Your account must be free from restriction or ban. 

How to delete Chime transactions?

Can I delete my Chime transaction before deleting the account? This is quite a legitimate question. Why? Because payment history is something that many people don’t want to share with anyone. If you are one of them then it’s quite normal. But, the problem is, Chime transactions are unchangeable. It means one you made a payment that couldn’t be removed or changed. It further means, that all your past transactions including the money you sent, received, and requested to and from your contacts will remain as it is on the server of the Chime always.   

How to delete Chime messages?

Again the answer is the same – No. You can’t delete Chime messages. If someone says he can help you to remove or change the Chime messages, run away. It might be a scam and you might be the next victim. Be informed that as of now the task of deleting a message from a Chime account before closing an account is far from reality.   

How to close your Chime card before closing Chime? 

Good question! Let’s not forget that the complete procedure of deactivating a Chime account might take up to 30 days. Until then it is your responsibility to ensure no one can miss-use your Chime card. In such a case, disabling your Chime card can really be a good decision. These are four simple steps to follow to disable your Chime card:

  • Launch the Chime app on your phone.
  • Now get into the settings section.
  • Select “Security” from the drop-down menu.
  • After that choose “Transactions” and then select “Disable” without any second thought.
  • Now your Chime card will be disabled and ineffective to withdraw money.   

How to close Chime account? Final Steps

You can easily ruin your whole day by searching for the option to close and delete your account on Chime online bank until and unless you are using an iPhone. With that being said, I mean, the Chime account could not be deleted or closed on an Android phone but this is not the case with an iPhone. If you are iPhone user these are the steps to follow to delete your Chime account:

  • So, as a first step, tap the gear-shaped icon or “Settings” tab.
  • Now get into the personal Info and then tap the “Edit” link.
  • After that select “Close Account”.
  • Now confirm your identity by entering the last 4 digits of your SSN in the given field.
  • Do as mentioned on the screen and submit your request for your Chime account deactivation.

 How can you delete your Chime account (Android users)?

No matter why you are not satisfied with Chime. One thing is very clear, if you are no longer interested in continuing with Chime then you can do any of the two things. First, you can send an email to Chime customer service at or dial the support number. If nothing helps you out then feel free to reach us. 

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