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Chime Routing Number: Does Chime Have a routing Number

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  • 27 Apr, 2022

We all know how to find the routing number of any bank. If some of you don’t know then be informed that the bank routing number can be found on its paper check. Not only the routing number but a few more details about the bank also could be found on its issued checks such as bank name, address, account number, etc. But, what about the Chime routing number? How can you find your Chime routing number? Frankly speaking, your first question must be – Does Chime Bank have a routing number? Let’s find out the answer. 

Does Chime have a routing number? 

Let’s put first thing first. Chime is not a bank. However, many people think Chime is an online bank because it offers a number of banking services such as checking accounts, savings account, debit card, and credit card services. But, still, Chime is not a bank. And it could be understood from the fact that Chime has no physical presence all across the US. 

Now coming to your question – Does Chime have a routing number? Yes, Chime does have a routing number. 

You might surprise but the fact is Chime must have a routing number even though Chime is not a bank. Got confused? Let me explain. Note that Chime is in collaboration with two reputable banks – Bancorp Bank and Stride Bank. These two banks are responsible to run Chime card and Chime direct deposit services. Chime uses the routing number of these two banks.    

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How to find Chime Bank routing number? 

Remember that the Chime bank routing number could be found and used by only certified Chime users. By certified Chime users I mean those users who have confirmed their identity on Chime. If you have also confirmed your identity on Chime then these are the steps to follow to find your routing number on Chime. 

  • Open the Chime mobile application on your phone. 
  • Now login to your Chime account if you are logged out. 
  • From the Chime home screen tap on the “Move Money” tab. 
  • After that from the available options select “Settings”. 
  • Scroll down a little and your Chime routing number will come to your view.

What is my Chime account number? 

It is difficult to guess what your routing number can be on Chime. In order to be sure about your routing number on your Chime bank account, consider following the above-mentioned steps. 

Upon checking, you might find any one routing number of two partner banks – Bancorp Bank or Strides Bank. Chime Bancorp bank routing number is 103100195. Whereas the Chime Strides Bank routing number is 031101279. 

Is Chime and Bancorp Bank the same? 

No. Chime and Bancorp Bank are two different entities. Just to be very clear, Chime can be described as a Fintech company while Bancorp Bank is a certified and full-fledged bank. 

Moreover, Chime has no physical branches in and around the US but this is not the case with Bancorp Bank. Like all other banks, Bancorp offers all services that one can expect from any bank. Actually, the reason behind the confusion between Chime and Bancorp Bank lies in the fact that Chime uses the routing number of Bancorp Bank. Many people mistakenly identify the Chime as a Stride Bank because Chime uses the Stride Bank’s routing number as well.

You don’t need to be confused. I have already cleared and once again I am repeating. Stride Bank and Bancorp Banks are in partnership with Chime. That’s why when you search you find the routing number of any one of these two banks.   

Chime Bank name and address

When it comes to enabling the direct deposit or applying for a tax refund, stimulus checks, unemployment aid, etc; users are required to find and mention the Chime bank name and address. With that being said, I mean, only finding the Chime routing number is not enough. If you want your checks to be directly deposited in your Chime bank then it is important to find your Chime bank name and address.

As Chime has no physical branches then consider finding and using the details of the partnering bank such as Stride Bank or Bancorp Bank. 

More specifically, what exactly you need to do is first find the routing number of your Chime account and then with the help of the routing number, find out the bank name and address. For more information about your routing number on Chime, feel free to dial the Chime phone number

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